What is "The Pink Initiative"?

The Pink Initiative, a registered charity (NGO), is a concerted effort, in the attack against breast cancer in India. The Pink Initiative aims to promote nationwide awareness about breast cancer amongst women in India. Based out of Mumbai, The Pink Initiative follows six aims as are listed below.

Aim 1: Arm with knowledge - Awareness

Are all breast lumps cancerous? What should be done for breast symptoms like lumps, pain? Can non cancerous lumps become cancerous? These and many such questions, answered here. Being 'Aware' about the common breast symptoms and the symptoms of breast cancer will enable an early reporting to doctor and will also avoid unnecessary apprehensions in case of common symptoms. Read in detail all the symptoms, in the 'Awareness' section.
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Aim 2: Help fight this illness - Support group

Have you or your near and dear one recently been diagnosed with breast cancer? Would you wish to talk to someone of the same age and who has successfully undergone the treatment of breast cancer? Join our peer support groups. Get in touch with other women who have braved this illness, which will surely help you overcome the fear and insecurities of treatment and enable you to undergo the treatment with more confidence.
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Aim 3: Solve all your treatment related doubts - Questions

What surgery should I opt for? Is Breast Conserving Surgery safe? How do I take care during chemotherapy? What food can I eat? Will my hair grow back? How do I manage the side effects? These, and so many other questions, all of them related to treatment of breast cancer and managing side effects of the different treatments. Read the answers here and feel free to ask your own questions. VIsit the 'Questions' section to see more.
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Aim 4: Provide material and media - Knowledge base

Learn how to stage a breast cancer yourself. Learn how an Oncologist plans the treatment for a breast cancer patient. Learn the proper facts about breast cancer treatment, about surgery, about chemotherapy, about all other treatments. Get the correct perspective. All in PDF format for you to download and read at ease, once you take a printout of the same. In different languages. See the 'Knowledge Base' section for details.
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Aim 5: Guide to resources

Find anything in relation to breast cancer that you are looking for. Visit our sister indian site at Breast Cancer India Read about breast cancer, it's causes and all the treatments. See the statistics for India, which are shown city wise, and also read a comparison between India and the world. Read breast cancer survivor stories. See the myths people harbour about breast cancer. And much more... in the 'Resources' section.
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Familial breast cancers

Some breast cancers run in families. 6 to 8% of all breast cancers will be hereditary. Read more in the 'Resources' Section about these familial cancers and what are the precautions that should be taken for the rest of family. Understand the specific tests which can be done to detect familial cancers
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